To Do List

From the book “The Food and Art of Azerbaijan

  1. Meat Noodle Soup (Hamrashi)
  2. Chicken Stew with Tomatoes (Pomidor Toyug Chygyrtmasy)
  3. Hot Chicken Wings (Toyug Ganadlary Buglamasy)
  4. Sorrel Soup (Turshyang)
  5. Stewed Meat, Aubergines, Tomatoes and Peppers (Ajapsandal)
  6. Shepperd’s Stewed Meat (Kyalapyr)
  7. Salmon and Vegetable Stew (Gyzylbalyg Buglamasy)
  8. Sturgeon Soup (Balyg Shorbasy)
  9. Roasted Meat (Govurma)
  10. Roasted Lamb and Chestnuts (Et-Shabalyd Govurmasy)
  11. Chicken Stew with Onions and Quince (Toyug Taskyababy)
  12. Steamed Sturgeon (Nere Balygy Tavada)
  13. Omelette with Browned and Stewed Potatoes and Onions (Terevez Chygyrtmasy)
  14. Omelette with Tomatoes (Pomidor Gayganagy)
  15. Thin Noodles With Meatballs (Kiuftiali Arishta)
  16. Meat Soup with Pasta (Sulu Hangyal)
  17. Pasta and Vegetable Broth (Gashyg Hangyal)
  18. Hot Yogurt and Meatball Soup from Gyandzja (Kuftiali Gyandzja Dovgast)
  19. Green Lentil Soup (Myardji Shorbasy)
  20. Sheep’s Head Soup (Kelle-Pacha)
  21. Rabbit Stew (Dovshan Buglamasy)
  22. Pea Soup with Meat (Parcha Bozhbash)
  23. Rice Soup (Shilya)
  24. Meatballs from Gyandzja (Gyandzja Kiuftiasi)
  25. Meatballs with Quince (Sulu Kiufta)
  26. Mini Meatballs in Pomegranate Juice with Onions and Walnuts (Fisindjan)
  27. Meatball Omelette (Tava Kyabab)
  28. Chilled Lamb (Soyutma)
  29. Meatcakes Stewed with Tomatoes, Onions and Potato (Gazan Kotleti)
  30. Mutton Stew (Taskyabab)
  31. Chicken with Ground Nuts and Plum Sauce (Toyug Fisindjany)

From the book “Georgina Cuisine

  1. Beef Soup (Artala)
  2. Lamb Tripe and Feet Soup (Hashi)
  3. Kharcho with Beef
  4. Kharcho with Pork
  5. Kharcho with Chicken and Walnuts
  6. Tatariahni with Beef
  7. Bozartma with Chicken
  8. Bozartma with Lamb and Tomato
  9. Lamb Soup
  10. Lamb Soup with Meatballs
  11. Lamb Soup with Plums (Bozbashi)